Knowledge of the product and process is important in any business, none more so than injection molding. The business is quite complex and a good sales or customer service person often must be able to guide a customer with little or no knowledge through the intricacies of managing the molding project.

The sales/customer service person should have knowledge not only of the quoting/costing process, but also of design, mold building and production of the molded part. He or she must either be able to answer all of the customer’s questions or know where to obtain the answers.

In addition to technical knowledge, the sales/service person must be patient and understanding, as often a customer, especially one who is under pressure can be very nervous, even “cranky.” Here the sales/service person acts as a counselor and a buffer for not only the customer, but also for the molding company.

The sales/customer service person is a person of many talents and is key for the success of not only the injection molding company but for the customer’s success as well.