Much of our reputation for high quality stems from our experienced design staff. Molds are designed with an emphasis on efficiency and functionality upfront which leads to time savings in production, longer lasting tools, and fewer modifications down the road. The foundation is set by our design engineers who average nearly 30 years of experience designing plastic injection molds for a wide variety of challenging parts.

Matrix is committed to providing superior part design consultation, mold design and engineering services. Design for manufacturability and efficient production is our primary objective. Early involvement and working closely with customer engineering departments provides a smooth transition from part design to final product.

Every mold is designed in 3D solids, providing complete digital representations for manufacturing and ensuring proper integration of all components. Using a 3D model eliminates many of the traditional steps in the manufacturing process. Our integrated CAD/CAM system features the latest version of Siemens NX® (formerly Unigraphics) software running on 14 workstations, making paperless mold design and manufacturing possible. We are able to meet our customers’ shortened lead times by giving our moldmakers the information required: they are able to access the master model, interrogate it for dimensions, and begin the mold manufacturing process almost immediately.

Part designs can be received in a variety of 3D formats. Once they are in-house, Matrix utilizes Siemens NX to design the necessary tooling. The 3D models are made accessible to every stage of production from quoting to mold sampling and production. Even our Quality Assurance department has access to the 3D design data in order to compare physical inspection results against reference designs.


Design Support

"At Matrix we take pride in our ability to serve our customers - in any capacity required - to evolve their concepts into products ready for the global marketplace."
Hans Noack,
Design Manager

Accepted File Formats

Siemens NX (.prt)

SolidWorks (.sldprt /.slddrw)

Parasolid (.x_t)

STEP 203/214 (.stp /.step)

IGES (.igs /.iges)