Matrix provides a variety of intermediate steps to take customers from an initial concept to production.  Our extensive automation, integrated CAD/CAM network and creative approach allows us to meet customers' compressed timeframes and bridge the gap between R&D and ramping up to full production.

Matrix can take your product concept and provide 3D printed prototype parts for design verification and marketing approval prior to any investment in tooling.  At the next stage of product development, our "development tooling" is perfectly suited to complex applications in the trial stage.  Unlike conventional prototypes, our development tools are production-quality, built with hardened or pre-hardened steels, to mimic production tool performance.  A series of mold samplings prove out the design and the ability to meet critical dimensions, incorporating any customer revisions along the way.  This cycle firmly establishes the groundwork for reliable, multi-cavity tooling that yields consistency and repeatability at full production volumes.

When it comes to prototype molds, they are not all created equal.  Matrix's experienced design engineers can assist you in determining the best kind of prototype to fit your needs.

Product Development Support

"Listening carefully to our customers to gain a complete understanding of their goals - and keeping those goals in sight at all times - is really the key to successful R&D. Applying our technical experience to make those goals a reality is very rewarding."
Tom Ziegenhorn,
Design Engineer