Matrix's Quality Assurance department provides customized inspection services to meet each customer's specific requirements. With the capacity to measure both steel tool components and final plastic parts in depth, the quality of our work is closely monitored and maintained throughout the entire manufacturing and production process.  All tools and molded parts are fully-qualified by our QA staff using state-of-the-art inspection equipment. Inspection reporting is available in a variety of formats which can be customized for each unique project:

Inspection services are also available a la carte.

Tailored Quality Services

"Our wide range of Quality Assurance services affords us a comprehensive customer base. We have several clients who prefer to have us assume complete control of their project from the initial product sampling analysis to production part certification of conformance, while others use us specifically for niche services like First Article inspections, Cross-Sectional Scanning, Melt Flow Analysis, Compression/Tension testing, Color Mapping or Surface Texture Analysis."
Gary Johansson,
V.P. - Quality/Regulatory