Matrix is pleased to offer cross-sectional scanning ("CSS"), a patented inspection technology by CGI (Eden Prairie, MN) that raises part analysis to an entirely new level.

This innovative process is based on the same principle as rapid prototyping - only in reverse. Through a series of alternating milling and imaging steps, a complete set of cross-sectional images are collected while a sample part is consumed. Edge detection algorithms and customer-defined sampling rates are used to convert this data into a 3D point cloud containing hundreds of thousands of measurement points. Every dimension on every part surface (both external and internal) is represented, and this digitized data can be easily re-interrogated when new inspection points are introduced. This also makes it possible for Matrix to assist customers in reverse engineering existing products when original design data is unavailable.

Not only is the data collected via CSS more comprehensive than that of traditional CMM or optical comparator methods, it is also more accurate since it is obtained without any part distortion. As Matrix routinely deals with part tolerances of -0.000/+0.001", this caliber of inspection accuracy is critical.

First article inspections require far less time and labor using CSS technology. Matrix welcomes the opportunity to tailor a custom inspection package to meet each customer's unique inspection requirements.