The truth is, some parts are just not good candidates for traditional "prototype" tooling.  Complex geometries involving fine details or sharp corners often can't be achieved with the softer tool steels and high speed machining methods that make prototype tools lower cost and faster to build. Engineering grade materials can also be harsh on an aluminum or P-20 tool.

Matrix offers a heartier, yet cost-effective alternative to traditional prototype tooling.  Our approach is more accurately described as "development tooling": single-cavity, hardened tools that bridge the gap between proving out your concept and gradually moving into production volumes, allowing for adjustments along the way.  If volumes are expected to remain low, this production grade tool may serve all your needs.  For higher volume projects, the lessons learned with cavity #1 expedite the multi-cavity production tool build and get you up to full speed in less time.

Each project has its own unique issues to consider.  Our engineers are committed to understanding your requirements and determining the most sensible tooling approach to suit your needs.




Engineering Support

"I appreciate the willingness of Matrix to provide a variety of services. Being able to get Moldflow, supplier mold design reviews, mold samples and new tools developed under one roof is convenient."
B.M., Sr. Design Engineer
Consumer Products Customer