Tool Repair

The same multi-disciplinary expertise that affords Matrix total confidence in running our own hassle-free production molds is what also makes us so adept at managing transfer programs with takeover tools. Our ability to identify and resolve the myriad of issues that often accompany a transfer program has led to double-digit growth in our production molding sales.

Upon receiving transferred tools, Matrix’s team of engineering, tooling, processing and quality experts thoroughly analyze the molds’ capabilities. Any necessary adjustments to processing parameters, materials, and repairs or replacements of tooling components are quickly identified and implemented. Our goal is two-fold: re-qualify the tools to get them back into production with minimal disruption to our customers' delivery schedules, while also crafting a plan to provide the lowest total cost of ownership over the remaining lifetime of the program.

We understand that customers usually transfer existing programs only when unexpected circumstances force them to. Matrix stands ready to make the transition as painless and stress-free as possible. We want our customers to feel that, in the long-term, bringing their program to Matrix was the best move they could have made.