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Injection Molding and Moldmaking
with Surgical Precision

Call us: (630) 595-6144

Matrix design engineers collaborate with customers to identify part design options that will save time and money on their projects, while ensuring top quality results in optimized manufacturing.

Matrix has been using some form of web conferencing to conduct remote Design Review meetings with our customers since 2010.  It started with GoToMeeting and has evolved as other platforms have emerged.

While 2D data is sufficient for Wire EDM and other machining processes, 3D data has numerous benefits that make it superior for designing and building complex plastic injection molds.

Matrix added our first 3D printer in 2012 to provide our medical device customers with prototyping support during the critical R&D stage of new product development. 

A cheap mold that doesn’t perform can end up costing more in repairs and lost production time than a more expensive, properly constructed tool would have in the first place.  Here’s why it’s important to look at the big ROI picture.


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