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Injection Molding and Moldmaking
with Surgical Precision

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Matrix has been using some form of web conferencing to conduct remote Design Review meetings with our customers since 2010.  It started with GoToMeeting and has evolved as other platforms have emerged.

While 2D data is sufficient for Wire EDM and other machining processes, 3D data has numerous benefits that make it superior for designing and building complex plastic injection molds.

In order to achieve scientific micro molding, it is important to look beyond the injection stages of the molding process and consider all the steps needed for a robust, repeatable process. 

Matrix added our first 3D printer in 2012 to provide our medical device customers with prototyping support during the critical R&D stage of new product development. 

The key to avoiding the consequences of molding with wet resins is to ensure your dryer systems are effective and well maintained. Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance of dryer equipment are well documented at Matrix Plastic Products.

Proper drying of engineering resins is crucial to obtaining the desired structural properties of injection molded parts. While moisture content might not always have cosmetic consequences, the unseen impact on molecular structure can compromise a critical component’s integrity and strength.

Matrix Plastic Products is committed to a daily awareness of our impact on the environment and our continual efforts to reduce it.

The United States’ long legacy of making world class products relies on more than just having the latest technology and equipment: we have a duty to pass on our tradition of manufacturing to the next generation.

Making sure your tooling employees are thoroughly trained, in both the latest technology and the traditions of old world moldmaking craftsmanship, is the key to staying competitive.

The higher, less predictable shrinkage rates and secondary heating operations involved with metal injection molding (MIM) makes part qualification more time consuming than it is for plastic injection molding. However, by developing small quantities of machined “breadboard” parts, Matrix can save our customers time and money with a faster way to sample components that are destined for MIM production. 

A cheap mold that doesn’t perform can end up costing more in repairs and lost production time than a more expensive, properly constructed tool would have in the first place.  Here’s why it’s important to look at the big ROI picture.


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